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Current Members

  • Stephen A. Baccus
    Associate Professor, Neurobiology

    We study how the circuitry of the retina translates the visual scene into electrical impulses in the optic nerve.

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  • Juyoung Kim

    I am a research scientist in Baccus lab. I am studying the function of diverse sets of interneurons in the retina by using two-photon microscopy and electrophysiology. Before joining the Baccus lab, I was studying the optics of nanolaser and device physics during my Ph.D. in Physics from KAIST, Korea.

  • Niru Maheswaranathan​
    PhD student, Neuroscience Surya Ganguli's Lab

    Understanding the relationship between statistical models and the biophysics of retinal pathways.

  • Lane McIntosh
    PhD student, neuroscience

    I'm a PhD candidate co-advised by Surya Ganguli. My research focuses on understanding general principles underlying sensory processing, in particular using tools from deep learning and information theory. More information at my website ( M.A. Mathematics, University of Hawaii. B.A. Computational Neuroscience, University of Chicago.

  • Mike Menz​​​
    Research Associate

    I am a Basic Life Research Scientist working in the Baccus lab for more than ten years. I have two ongoing research projects. The first consists of optical recording from a population of inhibitory interneurons known as amacrine cells while simultaneously electrically recording from a population of retinal output cells (ganglion cells). My second project is focused on optimizing and understanding how ultrasonic neurostimulation works by using our in vitro retina animal model.

  • Julia Wang

    My name is Julia Wang, I am a undergraduate (class of 2019) studying Computer Science.

Lab Alumni

  • Pierre-Jean Arduin
  • Priyank Chodisetti
  • Pablo Jadzinsky
    Data Scientist at Mousera

    Understanding how and why eye movements change the neural code.

  • David Kastner
    Resident, UCSF School of Medicine

    Understanding the theory, function and mechanisms of how neural populations represent a dynamic visual scene.

  • Mihai Manu, MD​​
    Department of Neurosurgery Medical School Hannover Hannover Germany​
  • Neda Nategh​
    Assistant Professor, Montana State University

    Understanding how interneurons shape retinal responses using nonlinear modeling of parallel pathways.

  • Yusuf Ozuysal, PhD​​
    Google, Inc. Mountain View, CA
  • Bongsoo Suh​

    Understanding how cellular mechanisms implement theoretical principles of adaptive coding using biophysical models.

  • Citlali Trueta​​​
    Visiting Instructor Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatria, Mexico

    Understanding interneuron contributions to pattern adaptation using simultaneous intracellular and multielectrode recording.

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